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Supporting Ruth’s Harvest – Fairfield

Posted by on Aug 31, 2018


Ruth’s Harvest has started their 5th year of collecting funding and food for children in the Fairfield Area School District who are eligible for the free or discounted lunch program. Each week of the school year, backpacks are filled with food and distributed to provide students with more consistent nutrition.

The foods needed are individually-sized servings/packages that need NO refrigeration, including: Chef Boyardee cups (any kind); Kid-friendly Soups; Macaroni and Cheese; Ramen Noodles; Corn/Green beans/Peas/Peas & Carrots; Pears/Peaches/Mandarin Oranges/Mixed fruit; Pudding; Jell-O; Microwave popcorn; Juice boxes; Milk (non-refrigerated- in boxes); Cereal; Oatmeal; Snack & Saltine Crackers; Peanut Butter-To-Go; 100-calorie snacks; Teddy Grahams/Animal Crackers; Gummy Snacks/Fruit Roll-Ups; and Chips/Pretzels.

Items may be placed in the marked blue tub behind the organ. Monetary donations may be placed in the Ruth’s Harvest donation can on the pew behind the organ.


Wesley Chapel is scheduled to pack backpacks for Ruth’s Harvest at 6:30 PM on Oct. 10, Nov. 13 (a Wednesday), Jan. 2, Feb. 13, Mar. 26 and May 7 at their pantry, Sites’ Mini-Storage, 47 Brent Road, Fairfield. We either meet at Wesley Chapel and go together, or meet at the pantry. Foods are set-up on tables and then we pass the backpacks around to fill them; usually taking no more than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions about donations or helping to pack backpacks for Ruth’s Harvest – Fairfield, please contact Missy Miller at kmmmmiller@embarqmail.com or 717.321.0169.

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